domingo, novembro 01, 2009

Lindo!... Marc Yu, o Carnegie Hall, os deuses e as fadas

(fotografia da Daylife)


Pianists of the Age to Put on a Show

Published: October 28, 2009

Moments after he made his Carnegie Hall debut on Tuesday night, Marc Yu, a 10-year-old pianist from Pasadena, Calif., faced a challenge nearly as daunting: Lang Lang, the Chinese superstar pianist, thrust a microphone into Mr. Yu’s hand and asked him how he felt about playing at Carnegie. “It’s one of those magical places where the gods live, or fairies,” Mr. Yu said. “And I would love to come back.” (In New York Times)

O que Marc Yu diz faz-me lembrar o filme sobre Neverland (a Terra do Nunca), o Peter e James Barry. Os meus alunos sabem porquê.

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