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Outra conferência, outra oportunidade... na Tanzânia

Tentei dar o máximo de atenção possível ao desenvolvimento do Encontro entre os líderes da Comunidade Europeia e os líderes do Continente Africano, que se juntaram em Lisboa neste fim-de-semana.
Procurei, quase avidamente, tudo o que pudesse assinalar a presença e a participação da delegação da Tanzânia. E pesquisei na Net alguns ecos que os jornais da Tanzânia pudessem estar a fazer do Encontro de Lisboa, especialmente aqueles jornais que eu pude ler quando lá estive, e em que trabalham jornalistas com quem já contactei depois de voltar a Lisboa.
Foi assim que fui levado a ler a seguinte notícia, que apreciei (África não está mesmo parada!...) e que aqui deixo transcrita, com a intenção de que seja um pouco mais divulgada:

Another conference, another opportunity
2007-12-08 10:06:40 By Editor

Tanzania is set to play host to the Fifth African Population Conference, due to open at the Arusha International Conference Centre and run for a full five days. It is jointly organised by the Tanzanian Government, specifically the Planning, Economy and Empowerment ministry, and the Union of African Population Studies (UAPS). The multidisciplinary forum is expected to bring together a wide variety of stakeholders, among them scientists, policy makers and development partners, who will be deliberating on the development challenges posed by population growth. Delegates are also expected to exchange ideas and experience that could help them approach the challenges embedded in the continent�s development plans and strategies better equipped and therefore more knowledgeable and with enhanced confidence. Knowing as we very well do the monumental problems that are the lot of most of Africa as an entity and most of the individual countries that make up the continent, we wholeheartedly welcome the convening of the Arusha conference. We see it as an auspicious occasion that has come at a most opportune moment. Deliberations at the forum, to be opened by Zanzibar President Amani Abeid Karume and closed by Zanzibar Chief Minister Shamsi Vuai Nahodha, are scheduled to revolve around the theme: ``Emerging Issues on Population and Development in Africa``. This suggests that delegates will spend part of their time brainstorming on the proverbial vicious circle where population growth is seen as the villain causing poverty in the world and world poverty is therefore viewed as a direct consequence of population growth. Of course, humankind has since discovered that things are much more complicated than that. That is why the Arusha conference will delve into the causes and consequences of population growth with a very open mind and a high degree of keenness. Delegates will have a lot on their menu, discussing issues like the impact of migration and urbanisation on development as well as maternal health and child survival and development. They will also deliberate on issues like transitions in health patterns, sexual behaviour and sexuality, and the link between schooling and employment. There will be various other hugely pertinent items on the forum`s agenda. Happily, these will include how to tame the impact of the scourge of HIV/Aids for the good of this generation and posterity and ensuring that population does not eat deeply enough into the environment to put sustainable development at risk. The conference will have the advantage of benefiting from the dignified presence of a rich mix of development experts who will be contributing to the deliberations at the AICC. And it promises to be a wonderful opportunity with the delegates having great company able to translate itself into the innovative approaches we need to achieve our development goals, including the much-touted MDGs. By definition, the Government has excellent knowledge of the causes of the social, economic and other problems our people are faced with. It should use next week�s conference, which it is co-organising, to reflect on how best to solve those problems.
SOURCE: Guardian

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